【Jewelorchids】cause of Macodespetola withering and countermeasures against it from japan


Japanese name: Nanbankamomeran

English name: Jewel orchid

scientific name: Macodes petla


✏minimal knowledge

Macodes petola native to Southeast Asia.

Therefore, it is weak for low temperatures and prefers high humidity.

Direct sunlight is strictly prohibited because the leaves get sunburned.

For watering, the image of watering when the surface of the moss dries up is good.

✏️a sign when the environment is not right

No,1 a sign when the leaves are tanned

Even though it’s through glass, it’s easily damaged if it’s exposed to strong direct sunlight.

The first sign of leaf burn is Macodespetra, which usually has a deep green color, but the green color is light and dull, so I can’t feel the vitality of the leaves as an image.

You can see that the leaves in the back left are whitish.

The twinkling veins are dull, too.

Let’s move to a place where the sun doesn’t shine And let’s raise it with LED.Early detection is important.

NO,2 The humidity is low.

When the humidity is low, the leaves change.Both sides of the leaf are curled inside.

You can see that both sides of the leaves are curled up due to dryness.

It is necessary to put a water dish near the bowl so that it can be humidified.

In order to prevent it from drying up, you need to be careful because if you put a lid on it and seal it, it will flock.

As for drying, early action will reduce the roundness of the leaves and new leaves will come out, so you can expect to recover!

No,3 Give too much water

Macodespetra likes humidity, but honestly it’s the hardest to control water.

If you give too much water, the whole Macodespetra will hurt.It will be difficult to recover, so I will be most careful in raising it.

Signs from giving too much water appear on the leaves.

I told you that when it’s dry, the leaves get round.If you give too much water, the tip of the leaf will be round.Also, the root of the leaf will be rounded at the same time.Leaves that have become like that will basically wither away, so we won’t water them for a while.

It is to take care of other leaves so that they don’t get damaged.

✏️The leaves turn brown.

The leaves tend to turn brown when the macodespetra begins to wither.

It’s because dryness, excessive water supply, etc. caused it to pile up and become unbearable and weak.Let’s deal with it as soon as the young leaves turn red or brown.

This is an old leaf, but the dead leaves are reddish brown.It is a sign that young leaves are starting to wither when they turn brown.

↓↓compared to young leaves↓↓

Originally, the leaf veins are clear and green like this.

When it starts to wither, the young leaves turn pale brown like this.

As soon as these colors develop, you need to improve humidity, lighting, watering, etc.

✏️ Guidelines for watering pace

To be honest, the environment in which people raise water is different, even though it is said that watering is done once every three to five days.

If you are growing it with water moss, you should water it thoroughly when the surface of the water moss dries.

I’ll put a stone at the bottom of the FLOWER POT so that the water will drain out of it And by doing that, you can raise them well.

always on a slightly wet stone
It will grow beautifully.


I am sorry for my poor English.

This time, I summarized my experiences on how to raise Macodepetra.

If you want to raise Jewel Orchid from now on, or if you’re raising it but you can’t raise it well, please refer to it.

If you grow it properly, the trunk will grow and bloom around spring.

When it grows well, it blooms.

When it grows well, it blooms.I am sending from Japan.

“I will post it again, so I hope you will remember 「ぼくのひとやすみ」(bokuno hitoyasumi)

The meaning is my rest.